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Walkway Cleaning & Soft Washing

We know how to eliminate damaging grime, dirt, and other nasty elements from driveways with softwashing and pressure washing!

Want to boost your home's curb appeal with a clean driveway or walkway? Your local Bright Brothers soft washing and pressure washing company can help! Walkway and driveway cleaning removes unsightly stains, making surfaces look as good as new. Even better, walkway and driveway cleaning reduce the need for repairs and extend their lifespan.

Soft washing and power washing uses selective pressure to eliminate dirt, mold, pollen, rock salt, mildew, algae, and other risk factors for walkway and driveway cracks. Our professionals can recommend the best exterior cleaning solution based on your needs.

Driveway and walkway cleaning with Bright Brothers saves you time and energy. Schedule a free soft washing or power washing estimate with your local dealer to get started!

Dangers of DIY walkway & driveway cleaning

Stains from moss, mildew, mold, algae, and pollen on a driveway or sidewalk lower your home's curb appeal. Even worse, these blemishes can lead to walkway or driveway cracks and more staining in the future. Homeowners often think do-it-yourself driveway cleaning and sidewalk cleaning is their answer, but power washing comes with many risks.

DIY power washing can cause scarring, stripping, and streaking on your sidewalk and driveway. Plus, without a skilled hand, power washing won't kill mold, mildew, or algae to the root, leaving them to reoccur and get worse. Here are some reasons why hiring a professional for your next soft washing or power washing project is the best option for your home

  • Expensive equipment: You will need to purchase costly gear for your DIY driveway or walkway cleaning project. Even if you buy a low-end pressure washer, they won't provide results that permanently remove stuck-on stains. User error can also cause lasting problems, like stripping, scarring, and streaking.
  • Poor results: While pressure washing may make the driveway or sidewalk appear clean, streaking, scarring, and stripping can show up later. Plus, if done incorrectly, DIY power washing won't be a lasting solution. So even if your driveway or sidewalk cleaning project looks good for a while, mold, mildew, algae, and other stains will reappear in the future. Pressure washing can also cause walkway and driveway cracks and damage without a trained eye performing the work.
  • Property damage: DIY walkway cleaning and driveway cleaning can cause irreparable damage to exterior elements, including siding, brick, concrete, landscaping, and more. Local Bright Brothers dealers know how much pressure is required to remove stains without causing walkway/driveway cracks and damage to the rest of the property. We provide exclusive power washing and soft washing solutions and professional skills to thoroughly clean your walkway and driveway, create lasting results, and ensure safety for the rest of the property.

Our walkway & driveway cleaning solutions

Soft Washing, pressure washing & Driveway Cleaning

When your walkway or driveway isn't the attractive feature it once was, Bright Brothers can help with the most effective cleaning solutions!

Bright Brothers dealers offer thorough and effective solutions to walkway cleaning and driveway cleaning with soft washing and pressure washing.

  • Soft washing: This gentle method completely cleans and removes stains while also gettig rid of scarring, stripping, and streaking from previous power-washing mistakes.
  • Power washing: Highly durable materials, such as concrete walkways and driveways, can be pressure washed to remove dirt, moss, pollen, and other debris and grime.

Our dealers will recommend the best exterior cleaning solution based on your property's needs!

Benefits of walkway & driveway cleaning with us:

Local Bright Brothers dealers ensure quick and efficient driveway and sidewalk services with stunning results while ensuring safety for you and your property.

  • Trusted expertise & peace of mind: With a triple-certified exterior home cleaning crew, local Bright Brothers dealers have a proven track record for soft washing and pressure washing. So you can have peace of mind with our trusted solutions!
  • Exclusive solutions & equipment: Choosing a Bright Brothers dealer means having specialty soft washing and power washing services with industry-leading sidewalk cleaning and driveway cleaning solutions and equipment, ensuring pristine, long-lasting results.
  • Saving time & money: A local Bright Brothers dealer will save you time and money because our exclusive soft washing and pressure washing solutions work the first time, are long-lasting, and keep your property safe.
  • No property damage: Local Bright Brothers dealers provide driveway, sidewalk, and exterior house cleaning solutions that keep your property safe. Our triple-certified crew ensures accurate pressure with precise cleaning!
  • Gentle cleaning & stunning results: Local Bright Brothers dealers know that incorrectly power washing can remove the top layer of the surface. That is why we provide gentle soft washing and effective pressure washing using specialized cleansers and equipment, thoroughly cleaning the area while keeping the integrity of the driveway and walkway intact. Soft washing can even remove past power washing mistakes, including scarring, stripping, and streaking!
  • Enhanced curb appeal & resale value: Driveway cleaning and sidewalk cleaning will improve the home's appearance, boosting the curb appeal and property value!
  • Preventing walkway/driveway cracks & damage: Soft washing or pressure washing a walkway and driveway can extend their lifespan, eliminating risk factors of cracks and damage, including algae, dirt, rock salt, and more.
  • Eliminate tripping hazards: A dirty, slippery surface covered in mold, mildew, and algae is dangerous. Soft washing and power washing ensures a clean driveway and walkway to prevent falling hazards from slippery surfaces.

Ready to create a cleaner, more stunning home and increase the lifespan of your driveways and walkways? Contact your local Bright Brothers dealer for efficient soft washing and power washing services! Call 1-855-571-WASH or contact us online to get a free estimate on sidewalk cleaning, driveway cleaning, and other exterior house cleaning solutions!

Our approach to soft washing & pressure washing

Want to clean stuck-on walkway/driveway stains, such as weeds, dirt, grime, moss, mildew, mold, algae, pollen, and more, without causing damage to decks, landscaping, plants, siding, and other exterior elements? Many homeowners try power washing without realizing that doing it incorrectly won't eliminate mold, mildew, or algae to the root. So these problems will probably reoccur or spread. And worse, scarring, stripping, or streaking can appear, even if the driveway or walkway looks spotless right after pressure washing.

With a Bright Brothers dealer, you won't have to worry. Our triple-certified specialists use a specialized cleaning solution that kills algae, mold, pollen, mildew, and more. We don't need harsh cleaning products that can cause harm to the property. Plus, we can prevent weeds, mold, grime, and other stains from returning while reducing risk factors for cracks and future damage with our exclusive walkway and driveway cleaning services!

FAQs about walkway & driveway cleaning

How to remove driveway & walkway stains

Caked-on dirt, weeds, grime, mildew, and other nasty stains do more than make your driveway or walkway look bad. These elements can also cause damaged, cracked driveways and walkways when left to worsen. Homeowners often turn to power washing to clean the area. Unfortunately, power washing provides short-lived results and can lead to stripping, streaking, and scarring. Plus, missing spots will lead to stains returning and, ultimately, walkway or driveway cracks in the future.

Trained professionals know what solutions and pressure will remove stains without causing damage to surrounding areas, including landscaping, plants, and siding. That is why Bright Brothers dealers offer soft washing and power washing with walkway and driveway cleaning services. These methods won't damage surfaces from too much pressure. You also won't have to worry about harsh cleaning solutions with our specialized Bright Stuff products. We can prevent weeds, mold, grime, and other stains from returning while reducing risk factors for cracks and future damage.

Why hire a professional for a walkway or driveway cleaning?

While walkway or driveway cleaning may seem like easy do-it-yourself projects, the risks outweigh the advantages. Below are some factors to consider when choosing to hire a soft washing and power washing professional like Bright Brothers:

  • Equipment costs: Power washing equipment is expensive — and trying to save money with low-end ones will only get you worse results. Bright Brothers dealers are fully prepared with the right supplies, ensuring stunning results and no hassle!
  • Short-lived, damaging results: The right equipment and research can only get you so far. Many people accidentally miss spots and other nasty stains, causing them to reappear later and leaving cracks and other damage. Power washing can also cause stripping, scarring, and streaking. Even worse, one wrong move can mean property damage to the surrounding areas.
  • Property damage: The triple-certified dealers from Bright Brothers have the skill to apply the proper pressure to remove stains. Power washing can harshly damage the surface, causing irreparable walkway and driveway cracks as well as stripping, streaking, and scarring without a trained eye. And the wrong aim can lead to accidental, costly damage to the surrounding area, including decks, landscaping, siding, plants, and more.
How much does soft washing or pressure a walkway/driveway cost?

Walkway and driveway cleaning costs depend on the area's square footage, the condition of the walkway or driveway, and the time it will take to thoroughly wash.

What are the benefits of driveway cleaning & walkway cleaning?

Below are reasons why pressure washing and soft washing from Bright Brothers' local dealers will ensure beautiful, longer-lasting driveways and sidewalks:

  • Increases curb appeal: Sidewalk and driveway cleaning creates a better-looking home, boosting its overall curb appeal and value.
  • Prevents walkway/driveway cracks & damage: Did you know stains like algae, mildew, vehicle fluids, rock salt, and water can damage the driveway or walkway? Bright Brothers dealers thoroughly remove these elements, preventing damaged and cracked driveways or walkways.
  • Eliminates tripping hazards: Dirty driveways and sidewalks with mold, mildew, and algae are slippery. Pressure washing and soft washing eliminates falling hazards by creating a long-lasting, clean surface.

Get a free walkway & driveway cleaning estimate!

Save time and money with the safe and efficient soft washing and pressure washing services from Bright Brothers! Our walkway and driveway cleaning solutions eliminate nasty stains that cause cracks and damage, boosting your home's curb appeal and value!

Contact your local Bright Brothers dealer for a free estimate on our soft washing and power washing services, including sidewalk, driveway, and exterior house cleaning.